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How long has it been since you had a real good look at your IT environment. It might be tight for time for an improvement. As we all know, Technology is constantly changing and keeping abreast of it can be expensive and time consuming. Let Just Logical IT renew your business requirements to keep up to date and stay ahead of the game.
Make sure you are getting the most out of your current IT situation and ensure that your server and PC`s are working at their optimal levels. Receive feedback, suggestions, and advice about improving your IT infrastructure moving forward. Just Logical IT assessment will

audit and review your IT infrastructure and provide your business with an overview of your network, which will establish the current level of:

  • Security
  • Failover and redundancy
  • Speed and effectiveness of data transfer
  • Current state of your network`s handling capacity

The Just Logical IT infrastructure assessment of your current IT situation will look at the following:

1. It will assist in sending out whether your state – are allowed to work at their full potential or being hampered by slow systems. Thus costing resources through time and management issues.
2. An IT assessment will help determine if your IT infrastructure is capable for future business growth.
3. A disaster recovery plan is paramount in case of any IT issues that stem from out of your control? It’s important to make sure that you can easily recover your data and that data is backed up appropriately and safely whether it is on or onsite.
4. Just Logical IT will check your IT network security setup to ensure it’s working correctly to ensure it complies with standard operating practises.
5. We can assess how much me and money is spent within your business on maintaining your current network infrastructure. Our objective will be to make your spend as cost effective as possible and allow for efficiency in the workplace.
6. Ensure that your maintenance, upkeep, and support of your IT environment is cost effective.
7. We will check the age and functionality of your IT equipment and infrastructure to allow you to see if it is performing to the best of its ability.

A thorough IT assessment by Just Logical IT can reveal where you can save money and your team can work efficiently. Find out how you can optimise your business IT today. If you’d like to book an IT assessment today call us on 6363 5656 or email for a quick response from one of our team members.


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What happens if your system fails? Is your valuable information safe? We use and recommend the best disaster recovery program in the world.


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