Managed Servers


The majority of businesses today use a server or even multiple servers to store and manage their day-to-day business activities and data management. A server being the head of your network and housing your software, storing and managing common network data, and supplying shared services such as printers, internet and email to other computers on the network.

To have managed servers running your business means you don’t have to worry about these things running smoothly, with our support and monitoring they will automatically be updated and work efficiently for you for many years.

Having managed servers allows you to enjoy:

  • Automatic data backup through a robust software management backup facility
  • Prevention and migration of IT risks
  • Connection to multiple printers and faxes
  • Speedy and efficient data recovery
  • Automatic software updates – eg. Adobe, Flash, Java, Chrome and operating system software
  • Security auditing and setup
  • Firewall protection
  • Optimisation of your IT infrastructure

Many of the services included in server management are labour-intensive tasks which can be performed in the background by your Just Logical IT professional. Just Logical will keep up to date with technologies and updates of the latest brands and software therefore you will always receive the latest information, advice, and methodologies for your business.

With our server virtualisation techniques we are able to engage a simple management system to cut your hardware down, save you money on energy prices, and add to your server flexibility. Updating, tracking, and maintaining a single server is more efficient, cost effective and practical for businesses long term.

If you are interested in managed IT services including managed servers, contact us at Just Logical today on 6363 5656 or email for a speedy response from one of our team members.


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Data Backup

What happens if your system fails? Is your valuable information safe? We use and recommend the best disaster recovery program in the world.


Have an IT headache? We will find a solution for your problem. Let our technicians resolve any issues you have and optimize your system at the same time.

Small Business

Keeping your business network running efficiently is an expertise of ours. Preventative maintenance is the key to a healthy business network.

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