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In our technologically empowered lives with everything being immediate and wanting access to your Data NOW, then if you’re not backing up your important data off-site then you are putting your state of mind at risk.

Backing up your data via an external hard-drive or onto your servers places your data at risk not only security-wise but also at risk of damage or loss through virus, malicious software or Ransomware by accessing your Data remotely (off-site).

Just Logical IT can help you with your business disaster recovery process and continuity so you can focus on your business and not stress about the safety of your Data.

Are you curious in why you should back-up off-site?

All data is important to any business and losing any of it can be disastrous. And this can set your business time frame back.

  • First of all, there is the cost of recovery, if at all possible.
  • The time delay in retrieving it which could run into days.
  • Finally if your data is irretrievable then there is the issue of recreating the files lost.

This can of course come at a high cost to you and your business in terms of time, trouble and especially financially.

What really is an Off-site backup?

Offsite backup is a method of computer data backup involving the use of an offsite location as a means of securing it in the event of a disaster or via cloud software in order to give it the very best protection it can get. Keeping all of your data on-site means exposing it to the very real risk of theft, hacking, and also damage through fire, flooding, and most importantly. Virus attacks through malicious software.

Just Logical can plan for the future and protect your precious data to ensure your hard work, important files, client information, databases and financial documentation is kept as safe as it could possibly be.

Back up your files off-site for effective risk management

Backing up your files off-site and into the cloud or data storage centre means you are effectively minimising and managing the risks in your work place. Not all staff will be vigilant in adhering to IT rules of conduct for safely operating their PC or Laptop at work or home. Malicious emails are being spread daily and if someone clicks on them accidentally, then the business could have a disaster on their hands.

If you would like to discuss off-site data back-up with Just Logical or have any other IT questions including those about managed IT services, don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 63635656 or email for a quick response on any IT subject matter.


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